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Posted On Monday, 22-Apr-2019 19:45:42 UTC

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ICON Digital Networks, has teamed up for a new olympic game. Approval was granted by the National Olympic Committee, and approved by 204 countries olympic committees. The first Olympic Beach Games have been approved and will be held in Mission Beach, San Diego in October of 2019, followed by China 2 years later. All funding will be carried out by Icon Digital Networks, and our joint teams will have the decision on which countries will follow. China. 

The concert stages at the olympic games will be booked with our A-List Artist, and the LED & Digital screens for advertisers will be provided through ICON as well. Time Token is available currently at a 5% discount through direct purchase. They will be able to be used for Ad Placements, Ticket Purchases, Merchandising, and many other area's.

Space Token Holders will be able to draw quarterly dividends starting 1 year from the date of the acquisition. Imagine being part of funding an A-List Tour, Olympic Beach Games, Digital assets and being paid dividends for life.

Why do we make this statement, Since the great depression, LED & Digital displays were not around so they hung paper advertisements, singers performed more, and sports events grew dramatically to ease peoples depression. In the 2008 - 2010 crash we had the biggest Olympics ever, A-List Artist continued their performances, and advertisers increased their ad budgets to draw more clientele to buy their products. 

ICON Digital Networks is here to stay and we welcome you to join us in participating in these world class iconic events. 

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