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Concert Updates

Posted On Monday, 22-Apr-2019 19:29:32 UTC

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ICON is now working with parties to bring Latino A-list artist on board as well as many others in various genres of music, including hip hop, pop, R&B.

A-List Artist have been abused under old management as long as singers and musicians have been performing. ICON Digital Networks has teamed up to set a new standard. We are able to negotiate direct contracts for performances or 10 day concert tours for Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, and Miley Cyrus at this point and time. We believe many other artist will come on board as their management contracts expire. 

Why!!! With us the artist are free, they are able to profit millions more by keeping monies which should have been theirs all along. How!!! By funding the concert tours through ICON Digital Networks, each Token owner can literally say I made that concert happen. How cool is that, We are empowering the people. 1 Year after the purchase of Space Tokens the holders start being paid quarterly Dividends on the net revenues earned from every concert. 

Think about it revenues are not just earned from ticket sales, but sponsorships, and merchandising as well. Sponsorships on a 10 day concert tour could be $10-12 million and merchandising can often out-perform the ticket sales by 3 to 5 times. Generating 10's of millions on top of that and our Space Token holders will share in quarterly dividends.

Time token holders will be able to use the same for merchandising, tickets, or if enough is purchased they can use them for sponsorships and ads, with a heavy discount. 

Stay tuned and and read more news here on our blog