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ICON Digital Networks News

ICON Digital Network News

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Posted On Thursday, 22-Nov-2018 18:00:51 UTC

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Icon Digital Networks, Is bringing DOOH "Digital Out of Home Displays and advertisement to a whole new level, with over $50 Million in contracts behind us. Icon has teamed up with a company nearly 3.5 decades old to bring DOOH to a whole new Level. 

Digital Assets, are being driven to a low. This is due to Bitcoin being accepted to the futures market on the exchange, to be followed by Ethereum. And more so the financial institutions can line the coffers with Bitcoin at a cheaper price once it is accepted to be sent out globally via financial institutions through bank wire transfer. Once completed this will create a feeding frenzy by every financial institution needing Bitcoin on their books to be able to handle wire transfers. IMAGINE THAT! The first quarter of 2019 we could see Bitcoin hit $100,000.00 per coin and ICON's time and space tokens will rise with Ethereum. Bitcoin 100K per coin, some say it will rise to $1 million per coin,  Ethereum $15 to 20 K per token with ICON right by its side. 

ICON being backed by, $50 Million in contracts, for manufacturing, installing, providing maintenance, and generating profit sharing revenues through ad placement with hundreds of multi-million and billion dollar companies contracted for advertisement with our partner company. Dividends paid quarterly after 1 year on the Space Token. Never in any historical economic crash did advertisement cease to exist, during the crash, budgets went up and ads increased as a means of drawing paying clientele to products. 

Join us in being part of this iconic venture, we are for the people and by the people, one key to our mission is generating as much sustainable wealth for as many as possible, will you be one of those people?

Stay tuned and and read more news here on our blog